Poinsettia Display Fundraiser is Back!

It’s that time of year again! The KSC Garden Club is accepting donations for our annual poinsettia displays. Donations can be made at any of the KSC NASA Exchange stores through Friday November 29th. Don’t forget, our beautiful poinsettias are given away to KSC employees free of charge in January. Donate today!

Fall Plant Swap!

The KSC Garden Club will be having a Free Plant Swap on October 24th from 3-4pm at the Press Accreditation Office parking lot, south of KSC Guard Gate #2. No plants are necessary to participate, so come out and say hello! Club leadership will be present to answer any questions you may have about who we are and what projects we are working on. All are welcome!

Christmas in July Fundraiser – Extended!

The KSC Garden Club is proud to announce that all five KSC NASA Exchange stores will be supporting the club as we work to raise the required funds to bring the 2019 Lobby Poinsettia Display to KSC this December. Please look for the decorated chalkboards on the Exchange counter and check out the weekly message. A small donation is easily and automatically added to your purchase if you ask. All proceeds go directly to beautiful December poinsettias that are then given away free in January to our center employees.

We have collected 37% of our goal so far! The fundraiser will extend through September.

2019 Spring Plant Swap—“Exceeds Expectations”

The Spring Plant Swap was a SUCCESS! Thanks for coming out and we will have a Club Meeting/telecon soon to discuss our “next steps”. A number of folks at the swap were wondering how to engage the Club further and we will discuss this among other things. One note—One first-timer Ms. Terri showed up and was swapping plants like CRAZY! It was a joy to watch. She won the trophy hands-down! She had to officially decline accepting the trophy because her workplace is a clean-hardware processing area. See photo for her name on the Trophy…1st name ever! KP

1st winner EVER!

Free Garden Club Plant Swap

Space Center Workers and Guests are welcome to attend the KSC Garden Club’s Annual Plant Swap. Bring some plants/starters (Please refrain from “Invasives”) and have 1-hour of fun and socialization with like-minded folks! If you forget to bring your starters…come anyway…we don’t care!

A new “Traveling Trophy” will be presented to the person swapping the MOST Plants and your name will be listed in the KSC Daily News!

Thursday, 25 April 2019 from 15:30-16:30

1-mile south of KSC Guard-Gate #2 (On East side of SR-3 across from Solar Farm)

Garden Club Minutes:

Kevin started with treasurer’s report. Club received $250 grant from the exchange. ~$100 in account. Grant not yet deposited. $68 from “Christmas in July.”

Kevin gave over view of grounds to ground and paper straw dispenser project.

Kevin provided status of “Do Not Mow Zone”
Submitted proposal into innovation team
Un-curated Natural Florida wildflowers
Mono-culture makes it more noticeable.

Kerry proposed Veggie Lab tour in September (Gioia will lead). Seven people signed interest sheet.

SSPF gardens are doing well. Hibiscus is doing very well. If they need to add color, additional plants may be added (funded by the club.) Large pots honoring “Hidden Figures” are at the East entrance. SSPF will have their Poinsettia count upped a bit this year.

Curators Discussion: Need drought resistant plants. Sometimes once a day watering is not enough. SSPF is doing starter plants at home. Kevin says start with larger plants. Ed offered palms for shade but Kevin says club can’t dig or do trees.

Kevin would like to have another plant swap in the fall. Ed suggested Fridays aren’t the best. Perhaps try a Wednesday.

Email Status:
From Lakeesha Flowers via email: $68 so far from Christmas in July fundraiser.

From Linda Redmon via email: Statement shows $100 currently in the account $64 in checking, $40.10 in savings.

From Dan McFarland via email: The SPI email asking for python help was a success and the volunteers are currently writing the application. Testing will start after the application is in beta.

Design Activist Johannes Torpe Tackles NASA Innovation

Why does Hollywood control the narrative on space and why is it so effective? What is it about their stories that inspire innovators to turn that fiction into reality? Creative Director of his name-sake Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, Johannes Torpe has inspired audiences at the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS). NASA Exchange, Public Affairs, Launching Leaders and Spaceport Innovators now invite all KSC personnel to experience this designer and musician’s brand of philosophy for tackling problems with innovative creativity. Join us on Monday, June 18, at noon in the KSC Training Auditorium.

YOUR KSC Garden Club–Jan Update 2018

Good Morning Garden Club!

A quick note to keep folks up-to-speed on all the “happenings”.

  • We had another highly successful Lobby Poinsettia Display (LPD) for the holidays.  2017 saw us pick-up 3-NASA Centers!!  LPD 2018 will see even MORE collaboration!
  • If you drive North on SR-3 (North of NASA Parkway East), you will notice on the East side of the roadway/shoulder across from Roberts Road survey stakes noting the NEW “No Mowing” wildflowers test site!  If you want to be involved in the worth-wild effort contact me.  We can always use some help/private funds.


  • Watch the KSC Daily News for the following:

We are organizing a Whiffle Ball Tournament for February 9th to raise funds for the Club’s SPRING PLANTINGS!!  I need a Project Manager so contact me if you want to volunteer.

Whiffle Ball Tournament for Spring Flowers-Fund Drive

Your KSC Garden Club is swinggin’ for the fences!  Spring planting season is right around the corner and we need funds to re-plant and refresh our 9-Gardens on Center!  We need funds or is that FUN?! To that end, we have procured an official whiffle-ball set and will organize a full tournament to be held 1-day, February 9th after work starting at 3pm. This tournament will last 2-hours with the winning team being crowned “KSC 2018 Whiffle-ball Champions!” Please visit our website for more details click here.  Cost is $3  CASH per person at time of event for teams of two to five.  ALL proceeds go directly into the ground!


  • We are scheduling a Plant Swap (#3) for March 16th.  FREE PLANTS & SMILES!  More to come!


  • KSC walk-run is KSC Walk-Run for March 13, 2018 and we will have an outreach display, signs, and need 2-folks to volunteer to chat and take e-mail addresses.  You get a FREE Walk-run Shirt!  J Contact me.


  • Finally, we are proud to unveil our NEW logo!  Some things are worth waiting for!


  • We continue to try and “Partner” with the Visitor’s Center.   If someone would like to help Project Manage this effort and/or create a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) please contact me.


I welcome your comments and ideas for innovation and collaboration as well as how best to grow our vision of “Flowers Make Humans Happy” in alignment with our CORE NASA Mission(s).




KSCGC President