“What’s Growing On?” Fall Edition

Our final event for 2021 will be held Friday November 19th @ 11am. Join us on Teams to get some tips and tricks for fall gardening. Guest speaker and Master Gardener Peggy Ulrich will present information on Florida’s native plants, including benefits, how to use them in the landscape and where to find them locally.

2021 Plant Swap Details!

We are “go” for our 2021 plant swap!

Date: Saturday October 23rd 2021

Time: 10am-1pm

Place: KARS 1 SR3/Hall Rd Merritt Island, FL (Clubhouse Pavilion)

You do NOT need your employee badge or a KARS membership to attend this event. Simply tell the park attendant you are here for the KSC Garden Club event.

Even if you don’t have any plants to swap, come out and pick up some freebies and learn more about what we do! The person who has the most plants swapped will receive our traveling trophy and a $25 Starbucks gift card!

What To Expect: You can show up anytime during the event. Leadership will be present the entire duration for any club questions. If you’re bringing plants to swap, it’s helpful to label if possible. Please avoid any plants that have visible signs of pests or disease. Our only rule is no invasive plants. If you bring one by accident, we’ll educate you! You are welcome to bring plants, seeds, cuttings, pots, planters, and anything else you think plant people might like!

Important: Since the event will be hosted on KSC property, all current KSC COVID protocols will apply. Those guidelines are updated weekly and are located here: https://sp.ksc.nasa.gov/px/Communication%20Shareables/KSC%20Facility%20Readiness%20Enhanced%20Protocol.pdf

2021 Plant Swap!

Thank you to those who responded to our survey! We have received enough responses to start preparations for a plant swap event in October! Stay tuned for email updates.

Invasive or Not?

For the month of September, we’ll be playing a game of “Invasive or Not?” on our Facebook and Teams pages. This game is designed to sharpen your plant skills and help you become a better native plant steward to our Florida ecosystem. All plant classifications will be based on the latest Florida Invasive Species Council list, linked to this post. Happy planting!!


Virtual Plant Swap (Ongoing)

Don’t forget, you can post plants, seeds, supplies, etc up for trade on our Teams group and Facebook page! Stay safe by considering contactless trades, like dropping off plants at the curb or front door.

Summer Season Success!

Thank you to everyone who attended the summer edition of our “What’s Growing On?” series! We learned all about the world of carnivorous plants from guest speaker Kevin Zari. Check out the presentation slides on the Events tab.

“What’s Growing On?” Summer Edition!

Our next event is Friday June 18th @ 11am! We’ll be discussing summer-specific gardening tips and have a presentation on carnivorous plants by guest speaker Kevin Zari! See you there!

Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula)

“What’s Growing On?” Success!

Thank you to everyone who attended our first official event of 2021! We learned about Spring gardening tasks and got an inside look at vermicomposting! Check out the event slides on the “Events” tab.

New Year, New Events!

Here are the tentatively planned events for 2021 from your KSC Garden Club!

  • April – “What’s Growing On?” event series (Spring Edition)
  • April – Spring Plant Swap @ KARS Park (tentative in-person event)
  • May – “Native Plants in the Landscape” with TOSC Environmental Speakers
  • June – “What’s Growing On?” event series (Summer Edition)
  • July – “Pets & Plants” Virtual Summer Social
  • August – National Wellness Month event with KNOW
  • September – “What’s Growing On?” event series (Fall Edition)
  • September/October – Fall Plant Swap @ KARS Park (tentative in-person event)
  • November – Annual “Healing Through Horticulture” event with KSC Vets
  • December – “What’s Growing On?” event series (Winter Edition)