3/10/2021 EGS Takes On “How Horticulture Heals Us”

Your KSC Garden Club was proud to participate in the first EGS Takes On event of 2021! Guest speaker Robbi Bocinsky gave her talk about the many benefits of gardening, including mental and physical health. We shared what our group does for the benefit of all employees at Kennedy Space Center and ways to get involved! Presentation slides and recording are below!

EGS Takes On Slides

Recorded Presentation

4/16/2021 “What’s Growing On?” Spring Edition & Vermicomposting

We held our first official club event of 2021 in April to discuss the many gardening tasks that are appropriate for the Spring season. In addition, Dustin Cammack offered us an inside look at composting with worms, or vermicomposting! Presentation slides and recording are below!

Spring Edition & Vermicomposting Slides

Recorded Presentation

6/18/2021 “What’s Growing On?” Summer Edition & Carnivorous Plants

Our seasonal series continued with a presentation on tips for summer gardening! Guest speaker Kevin Zari presented information on the different varieties and care of carnivorous plants. Presentation slides and recording are below!

Summer Edition & Carnivorous Plants Slides

Recorded Presentation

10/23/2021 Fall Plant Swap

We hosted our Fall Plant Swap event at KARS Park 1 and had an amazing turnout! Lots of people shared their love of gardening with others and took home some great plants! Congrats to Kevin Zari as our swap winner!

11/19/2021 “What’s Growing On?” Fall Edition & Florida’s Native Plants

We hosted our final event of 2021 to discuss Fall gardening tips and tricks. Our guest speaker, Master Gardener Peggy Ulrich, presented information on Florida’s native plants, including benefits, how to use them in the landscape, and where to find them locally. Presentation slides and recording are below!

Fall Edition & Native Plants Slides

Recorded Presentation