2019 Spring Plant Swap—“Exceeds Expectations”

The Spring Plant Swap was a SUCCESS! Thanks for coming out and we will have a Club Meeting/telecon soon to discuss our “next steps”. A number of folks at the swap were wondering how to engage the Club further and we will discuss this among other things. One note—One first-timer Ms. Terri showed up and was swapping plants like CRAZY! It was a joy to watch. She won the trophy hands-down! She had to officially decline accepting the trophy because her workplace is a clean-hardware processing area. See photo for her name on the Trophy…1st name ever! KP

2019 Fall Plant Swap— Success!

The 2019 Fall Plant Swap had a great turnout this year! There were plenty of specimens available for the taking and lots of enthusiastic volunteers! Our Fall 2019 winner for most plants swapped was Nadia Shokrani. We hope you grabbed some new plant babies for your personal gardens and hope to see you at the next swap!

2019 Lobby Poinsettia Display

The 2019 Lobby Poinsettia Displays were a holiday hit! Poinsettias were displayed in buildings all over KSC, funded by donations made throughout the year. We are grateful to each and every individual who donated and hope that you got to take home a plant!