History of the KSC Garden Club:

In the Spring of 2016 two people wrote (nearly simultaneously) Opportunities of Improvement (OFI) using the KSC Internal Communicator Website. These OFI’s pointed out that the Center was in the process of becoming a Multiuser Space and KSC grounds and building landscaping had deteriorated during the multi-year transition from the Shuttle Program to the Multiuser Spaceport. A Garden Club was proposed. KSC NASA Management liked the idea and gave the OFI the “Green Light” to form a Club. The 1st kick-off meeting was held for the KSC Garden Club in October 2016. The rest “as they say” is history!

Club Membership:

The KSC Garden Club is opened to all badged KSC employees with a mission of planned, sustainable, partnered, managed plantings that require no dig permits and that beautify the Center for all visitors and employees. We ask our members to support the club by attending our events throughout the year.

Club Motto:

“Flowers Make Humans Happy!”

Club Logo:

This logo is the product of innovative thinking and collaborative work by the KSC Logo Team.


KSC Garden Club had been around for over 1-year without a logo and it seemed like we would never get this rocket off the ground. But during that time we picked-up a few new members and one of those had a talent for artwork. As we chatted behind the scenes about needing a logo we pulled in a few folks that seemed to “gel” working a logo via e-mail. The stage was set. In a week or two a 1st cut came out…we were blown-away! Then a few more comments and tweaks and we all agreed (the Logo Team) that we had hit the mark and it was ready for prime-time. We wanted to present this logo with a story as well as the various items in it as they are rich in symbolism. We have a feeling this kind of work goes back to the development of Mission Patches and how this work is taken very seriously. We hope the Club likes it and we are always open to comments and building OUR story…the story of the KSC Garden Club.

Dissection of the Logo:

The overall lay-out harkens to the 1950’s NASA “Meatball” logo. Lucky for us we had a NASA Public Affairs person on the team who made certain that we were in full compliance with NASA’s terms of use for images similar to the “Meatball”. We ran it up to HQ in Washington D.C! We are GO for launch.
The orange symbolizes the great state of Florida as does the 2-orange blossoms. The orange blossom is the Florida State flower since 1909. One flower is seen smiling over the shooting tail and reminds us of the FACT “Flowers Make Humans Happy”. Our Club’s motto. The choice of a human curated flower was not taken lightly but with full respect of our native Florida wildflowers. Actually, it was chosen to HIGHLIGHT the need for proper curation in all humans do on planet Earth. Humans are sustaining our current populations on Spaceship Earth in-part by curating gardens & crops. We will do the same as we reach out and OFF planet Earth to our nearest neighbors. We learn every day The Blue Marble is fragile and if we don’ think through and manage our wild resources properly we will be hard-pressed to reverse a simple mistake (As an aside read about Brazilian Pepper an invasive in Florida).
The 9-dots on the orange symbolize our closest 9-neighbors. Most likely they or a moon of theirs will be the first place humans will establish the first permanently inhabited outpost.
We hope you like what we have developed for the club and it energizes you to reach for the stars in everything you do.
Finally, and for the younger folks of the Club who just love a conspiracy theory…there is something else…we will leave it at that.

Small actions can go a long way. If you are interested in helping gardens grow consider yourself a Kennedy Space Center Garden Club member!