2021 Plant Swap Details!

We are “go” for our 2021 plant swap!

Date: Saturday October 23rd 2021

Time: 10am-1pm

Place: KARS 1 SR3/Hall Rd Merritt Island, FL (Clubhouse Pavilion)

You do NOT need your employee badge or a KARS membership to attend this event. Simply tell the park attendant you are here for the KSC Garden Club event.

Even if you don’t have any plants to swap, come out and pick up some freebies and learn more about what we do! The person who has the most plants swapped will receive our traveling trophy and a $25 Starbucks gift card!

What To Expect: You can show up anytime during the event. Leadership will be present the entire duration for any club questions. If you’re bringing plants to swap, it’s helpful to label if possible. Please avoid any plants that have visible signs of pests or disease. Our only rule is no invasive plants. If you bring one by accident, we’ll educate you! You are welcome to bring plants, seeds, cuttings, pots, planters, and anything else you think plant people might like!

Important: Since the event will be hosted on KSC property, all current KSC COVID protocols will apply. Those guidelines are updated weekly and are located here: https://sp.ksc.nasa.gov/px/Communication%20Shareables/KSC%20Facility%20Readiness%20Enhanced%20Protocol.pdf

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