Garden Club Minutes:

Kevin started with treasurer’s report. Club received $250 grant from the exchange. ~$100 in account. Grant not yet deposited. $68 from “Christmas in July.”

Kevin gave over view of grounds to ground and paper straw dispenser project.

Kevin provided status of “Do Not Mow Zone”
Submitted proposal into innovation team
Un-curated Natural Florida wildflowers
Mono-culture makes it more noticeable.

Kerry proposed Veggie Lab tour in September (Gioia will lead). Seven people signed interest sheet.

SSPF gardens are doing well. Hibiscus is doing very well. If they need to add color, additional plants may be added (funded by the club.) Large pots honoring “Hidden Figures” are at the East entrance. SSPF will have their Poinsettia count upped a bit this year.

Curators Discussion: Need drought resistant plants. Sometimes once a day watering is not enough. SSPF is doing starter plants at home. Kevin says start with larger plants. Ed offered palms for shade but Kevin says club can’t dig or do trees.

Kevin would like to have another plant swap in the fall. Ed suggested Fridays aren’t the best. Perhaps try a Wednesday.

Email Status:
From Lakeesha Flowers via email: $68 so far from Christmas in July fundraiser.

From Linda Redmon via email: Statement shows $100 currently in the account $64 in checking, $40.10 in savings.

From Dan McFarland via email: The SPI email asking for python help was a success and the volunteers are currently writing the application. Testing will start after the application is in beta.

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