Happy New Year!


What a wonderful first full year of our Club.  We have come a very long way.  I would like to re-cap some achievements of 2017 and goals going into 2018.

  • We have now had our 2nd Lobby Poinsettia Display event and continue to work for a sustainable event that can go on forever (and that’s a mighty long timeJ). Our fund drive of November netted $219 towards our $700 goal.  Thanks all.
  • Our LPD efforts & sponsorship have now spread to 3-other Centers and we have a goal for 2018 to capture all 10 Centers!  KSC can lead in this collaborative event…and will.
  • Thru hard work we have maintained 9-gardens on Center with only 1-garden requiring “de-servicing” due to a change in curation.  We plan to bring that Garden back in full-force when the new HQ building becomes occupied so I would not call that a “loss”.
  • KSC Got Site approval for the first ever “KSC No Mow Zone Test site 001” for natural wildflowers along SR-3.  I hope thru scientific study and documentation someday there could be a 1 or 2 mile stretch of wildflowers for all to see and enjoy (and educate all including the +1 million tourists on the busses).
  • KSCGC has a new logo (to be rolled out in 2018).  I think a lot of folks will be shocked how thought-out and awesome this logo is thanks to a collaborative brainstorming & working effort by the Logo Committee.
  •  We make headway on our Automated Eco-friendly drink straw dispenser and hope it can be beta-deployed in the 1st Quarter of 2018…in our MF Lunchroom.  More to come…
  • All our KSC Guard Gates continue to have curation of the planters and flowers located in-front of them.  This was a major goal of the club and these flowers are for all to enjoy as they enter America’s Finest Multi-user Spaceport

Some of 2018 Goals

  • Work to “partner” with the KSC Visitor’s Center on what we do and the value we bring to them in hopes of creating a more formal relationship.
  • Work with the new HQ floor lay-out folks to allow an “educational” area near the lunch room where eco-friendly education displays can be rotated in-and-out (to include a working veggie display similar to a station hydroponic growth station).
  • Deploy the Eco-Straw dispenser to provide an alternate to plastic straws educate and raise awareness.
  • Work with the Center as it develops the “no mow” test site.
  • Grow our base of members and provide for planting activities, plant swaps, partnerships with other Center Clubs & ERG’s and provide a conduit for eco-education.

I could go on-and-on about the goals but will leave it at that.  Finally, Thanks to all for your encouragement, time and membership in this Club…we never judge and even if you are only a member “at heart” the key is you ARE a member and we are so glad to have you as we shape the future for the next generation.

Best Holiday Wishes to all…and to all…a GREAT day!


President,  KSCGC

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