10 • 17 • 2017

Good Morning Wonderful Garden Club Team!

A quick update (see below). Recall: NEXT Friday is our PLANT SWAP! Come-on-out!! J

Yours in “Flowers Make Humans Happy”,


“Coffee to Grounds” Plan
We need a Project Manager for this effort. OSB-1 has been working to kick-off using the guidelines in our APPROVED REC but to have a larger roll-out and a unified effort a PM volunteer will be needed. If we can’t find anyone to be the PM volunteer we will NOT roll this out and will try at another time. (Update 11OCT2017: Project Managers have volunteered! J)

Hydroponic lettuce stations in OUR lunchrooms (VC model)
We introduced this concept during the meeting. GC President has “socialized” this with some NASA folks but no real feedback at this time. (Update 11OCT2017: Morphing into a “Rotational Educational Display Floor Space” in/near (TBD) the 1st Floor NEW HQ Building lunch room). We are still “making soup” on this! J

Automated Cash station for Eco-straws dispenser with “Pay-it-forward” option
During the meeting it was explained this was mostly a SOCIAL EXPERIMENT to see how our Center population would respond if a system to dispense $0.05/paper straw was provided in the lunch room. Daniel has most of the hardware in-house. And we look to have a working prototype maybe end of October. If you would like to learn about Raspberry Pi controllers, and other cool stuff contact Daniel to help-out! ((Update 11OCT2017: A new member has volunteered to do CAD for our Lead Designer Daniel)

KSC Exchange “Spare Change to Gardens” Pilot Project
Once again the Exchange is sooo good to US! J Lakeesha chatted with the right folks and the registers would have a tough time “programming” the round-up option but they CAN program a “hot-key” for maybe a $0.75 donation! So the Exchange is going to work that a little more and we are no targeting a “2017 Christmas Lobby Poinsettia Display” effort JUST LIKE LAST YEAR! This time donations may make it a sustainable effort! More to come!( (Update 11OCT2017: BA and the Exchange working this)

Launch Federal Credit Union
After 4-months of work with our wonderful PARTNER Launch Federal Credit Union…you can now walk-up to the counter and say; “I would like to donate $1.00 to the KSC Garden Club.” NO account number required! They will take your money! NIIIICE!

Partner KSC Exchange Grant ($100) with KSC Visitor Center to Flower-power a mutually beneficial site (TBD)
We highlighted that the LCC Lobby has had our INCREDIBLE Curator Laura providing lobby flowers for our VC Bus Guests as well as our co-worker for over 4-months!. Kevin discussed how we might provide some “messaging” to the Center on this great partnership and extend it to other areas and make it “Sustainable” (maybe a MOU with Visitor Center?). It was also discussed that the large Kenned Entrance Sign (see our Facebook page) could use some garden-scape re-design and a plan for Sustainability. Hopefully in-time we can partner…

Next Club Plant Swap
Friday after work October 20th 3:45-4:15 on SR-3 just outside the gate (OLD Badging station). A meeting request will be sent to interested individuals. (Update 11OCT2017: Meeting Established 5-people confirmed!)

All Hands Planting
Sometime in November (TBD)

Open Discussion
· Dan updated us on the Mulching effort. Data is being collected and a Pilot Project is in the works! Good Work Dan and maybe by spring next year we will have some “Home-grown” KSC Mulch…the sweetest in the Nation! J

· The Nome Garden is in need of a volunteer Curator. If we cannot fins a volunteer in a few weeks we will need to “de-service” this Garden as it is just too much for Steve to handle alone while keeping a WONDERFUL focus his other HIGH-VISABLE Guard Gate #2 Entrance. Please consider coming out of a “BASIC” member to a Curator level! J

· Daniel has developed a “meetings” page on our website which we will managing/updating as needed (Plant swap) and a “Meeting Minutes” page that will house these (and previous) minutes.

· We may develop a survey monkey but need a volunteer Project Mgr. for that. (Update 11OCT2017: Still need a PM)

· Meeting adjourned on-time at 4pm.

Visit our Facebook and “follow” us KSC Garden Club
Website http://kscgardenclub.com

Finally…Thanks to ALL our “BASIC” members…You are making us a FORCE so please consider asking your co-workers to join OUR Club! We want 1000 members by 2018!! We can DO IT!

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